Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Visualization of a beautiful birth

This was posted on one of my homebirth e-mail groups written by women who visualized this while meditating. I thought it was beautiful , so I'am going to share it

mmmm... I feel the rushes and settle my focus into my body. I emerge from my chamber and see the hottub waiting for me... glistening luke-warm water, beautiful clear... comforting and welcoming. I touch the water with my hand, and move around the tub, thanking and blessing the water, asking for her to share her wisdom with me... bonding with the life essence in the pool and within myself. I connect to my baby through our shared waters, and I am overcome with love and bliss. I step into the hottub, and the water swallows me and makes me weightless. With each rush the water cools, soothes, comforts and calms us. We are all One. I begin to massage my beautiful round body.... lightly on my belly, breasts and nipples, then I softly stroke my vulva, who is already alive and tingling with anticipation of my touch. I rub and massage myself, getting more and more tuned into the bliss pulsing through my body, and in sync with my rushes, making them so pleasurable and desired. I can feel the baby moving down through my root chakra, enticing my vulva to bloom so sensually around her... ecstacy has us. My body trembles with the erotic pleasure of it all, I feel my body move with the orgasms and I am flowing... I am love. I wear my floating pillow so I can just gently allow the water to suspend me as I continue to relax and focus on my bliss and breathing. My hands are free to pleasure my body as I await my womb to gently express her youngling into my waiting hands. While softly massaging my vulva I feel my baby's head start to crown. I feel her hair and cute little head emerge more and more with each gentle rush. The whole time I softly quiver with ecstatic waves of pleasure. A few more rushes and here she is, my angel, soft and wet, her eyes are bright and we look deeply into each other's soul. She doesn't cry, she just breathes and beholds her mother, as I behold her with wonder and excitement. We recognize each other and are already deeply in love. I lay her on my chest and we enjoy the water together. After a bit more rest and loving words, touch and kisses, she begins to make the sucky lips, and tells me she would love to nurse. I take her to my breast and she latches on with ease... she nurses hungerly and slowly falls asleep... then I feel my womb tighten in small steady rushes and know that my beloved placenta is gently beginning to make it's way out. I look around in the water and notice that it is still mostly clear, with a soft tinge of blood. I smile, as my husband brings me some Stinging Nettle, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, and I sip as baby is still attached to my breast. A short time passes and with a big gush my placenta emerges and I help my husband put it into a bowl, we wait for the cord to go thin and white and we cut it. Then I look at the placenta and I take a little bite. I feel so primal, so alive... so tuned in and in love.

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