Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A response to a midiwfe I was emailing

I said this because I was e-mailing a midiwfe, and was hoping to find midwives that improve women's healthcare, which I even hate saying becasue womenhood is not a disease, not just during pregnancy, but during her life if a women absolutely feels the need for it. I wish that midwives empowered women to do their own exams, and use alternative ways to accuratley test for things that returns dignity and respect toward women's bodies. I didn't succed with this one

well would you believe in advocating for ultrasounds which is way more accurate, and CSA blood tests which are way more accurate at testing cervical cancer than a exam. I don't believe in going for yearly exams becuase womenhood is NOT a disease. If the OB/GYN industry had women's wellbeing at heart they would get rid of these barbaric, humilating, violating,mutilating, disrespectful practices, and start using modern tech. to test for things that would restore dignity,trust, and respect to women's bodies. The OB/GYN industry is a sick industry that believes that women's bodies are poorly designed and do not deserve respectful treatment. It needs to stop NOW!Also they advocate self breast exams why can't thy advocate self pelvic exams it dosen't take a college degree to find out things in your body. BTW I have never gone for one and never will. I'am just saying if midiwves really cared about women's rights they stop these barbaric practices as well.

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alamidwife said...

As a midwife, I find it disheartening that women seem to be asking for more and more testing. Faith and trust in their bodies is eroding. If women want less invasive procedures, I am all for it. It would be encouraging to encounter more women like you.