Saturday, April 11, 2009

My most recent letter to the editor

Women take back your bodies!
Pelvic exams are sick sexist ways of reinforcing the idea that womanhood is a disease which does nothing to encourage trust, love, and respect for women’s bodies. This obviously leads young women to have sex too young before their immune systems are ready thus leading to HPV. Women need to be encouraged to educate themselves about their bodies, chart their own rhythms, and cycles for health, and natural birth control, and how to treat common aliments without doctors. If a women truly feels that that a exam is needed every women should have the right to order a do-it-yourself exam kit, and send it to a lab. is one such website that offers it. Also a Cervical Specific Antigen Blood test is 98% more effective than an exam. Why is this not being offered to women? Money perhaps? After 70 million years of Homo sapiens species evolution women are amazedly designed to ovulate, bleed, grow, and birth a child without doctors. When OB/GYN’s came on the scene that’s when things got dangerous. It was poverty that killed women, not because womanhood is dangerous. Women do not deserve to be submitted, violated, mutilated, and drugged, women’s bodies are better than that. Obviously if what happens to men that what happens to women in OB/GYN’s offices and maternity wards it would be illegal. So women of the world take back your bodies.

Cassandra Fisher

Durango, CO.

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