Saturday, April 26, 2008

Women Against Stirrups Group

This is a great group that is anti- yearly exam, and encourage many woman to join it becuase womenhood is not a disease, and should not be rapped for it.

Woman against stirrups yahoo group

Check it out

Its a great group I hope you all check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cassandra,

Yazzmyne here. Thanks for spreading the word!
I just wanted to add some more tag words here if you don't mind, since your site comes up high on google so for those who are searching us:

The women against stirrups group is a yahoogroup for women and men who are critical of the highly valued pelvic exam in this society and who question the real motives behind gynecology as a whole. We do not believe that womanhood is a disease and therefore don't believe the socalled necessity of gyn exams in healthy, asymptomatic women .

Eventhough there are already since years non-invasive, more accurate alternatives invented to check for the HPV virus, that can replace the outdated pap smear, these tests are never being offered to women. In the meanwhile women are still placed in the stirrups and left behind in the dark about these innovative tests that could spare them the unnecessary humilation and invasion of their private body parts.

That's why we want to offer women more information about the choices they can make that are truly benefitting their health by exchanging articles/websites on the subject that increase our awareness of existing alternatives and scientific facts about gynecological matters.

The group also aims to make women feel secure and selfconfident again of their bodies, instead of being afraid of it. Several women have thanked us before because they gained so much more selfconfidence over their bodies and will no longer tolerate their bodies to be violated in the name of science.
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